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Al & Alimay (No pairing)
(Eyes of Alphonse; Age 14)

There we sat. On the train to Central for Nii-san to report back to Colonel Mustang about our mislead in Lior. In Lior, Alimay was still healing from her throat wound back in Libithum, so I kept her safe by putting her in my armor, but even so, the Philosophizers Stone was a fake. Our first big lead turned out to fake. What was even more confusing, was that Father Cornelo was even dumbfounded at the fake stone. Alimay says she's studied her great deal about the stone, and she might know more than Nii-san and I. So she'll be a great help for our search.

"Where are we headed to now, Nii-san?" I clasped my hands and waited for an answer.

"Where do you think?" He had his face leaning on his hand as he stared out the window with a blank stare.

"Central." After I had responded, there was an awkward moment of silence. Then, Alimay's voice broke the silence.

"Wait a minute, Ed. What would happen if Mustang found out about me?" Her voice was still practically a whisper, but she could still be herd in the only light from the train. It was pitch black outside, only light out there was from the moon.

"That's right, Nii-san! What would we do?" I asked.

"Huh, I don't know..."

"Well, either if you tell him or not, your going to have to tell him about me sooner or later."

"Alimay's right, Nii-san. If either of you end up hurt, and get taken to a military hospital, she'll be easily found out! With you being a State Alchemist, you'll be found out that your hurt, and anyone could come to report to Mustang." I explained.

"Fine. I'd prefer sooner then later. He'd have my neck is he found out I'd been hiding you for a while." Then he shuddered.

"What's wrong, Nii-san?"

"I can already hear his sarcastic remarks!"

Alimay and I laughed. Then, there was some more silence.

"Long train ride, huh?" I said, trying to break the silence again.

"Yeah, and Al?" Alimay asked.

"What is it, Alli?"

"Can I come out now? It's a bit warm in here."

"NO!!" Ed jumped up and held my chest cavity closed. "We were able to sneak you on for a free ride, so just shut up. We'll get off at the next stop for the night, if you want, ok?"

I could tell Alimay was nodding, but then she said "Okay."

For the next while, we were still waiting for the next stop to get off, but all of a sudden, I herd a strange voice call me. Then, I blacked out.


When I awoke, I was in a strange white place, with 2 giant doors. I looked down at my hands, to see I didn't have any. I was as white as the room. I examined myself. Then, one of the doors opened, like a gate almost, and another white figure, like myself, stepped out. It looked like an older woman. Then it took on a face, and a body. For a split second, I thought it was mom.


"No, Alphonse. I'm not your mother, but I am Alimay's mother."

"Alimay's.. Wait, your her mom?! But, how do you know my name?! Where am I?!"

The woman who claimed to be Alimay's mother laughed a bit.

"It's okay. I only called your soul to talk. Nothing more. How I know you, I've been watching my daughter grow, not as a being, but there in her heart. You are at the center of both of the gates. The one I stepped away from, is where you will go to return. The other one, is not meant to be opened." She explained.

"So, if you called me here, what did you call me here for?" I was a bit confused.

"I wanted to ask you a favor. Can you watch over my daughter for me? I'm afraid there's only so long a soul can watch over people for. I want to know she'll be safe on her journeys, so I ask, can you protect her if she is injured? Can you take care of her when she's sick? Can you look after her for me? For I do not have a body to call my own, so I can not look after her like I did when she was just a child. But you, Alphonse Elric, have some sort of body, and you can be there, but can you be there for both your brother, and my daughter?"

I didn't know what to say. Should I look after Alimay for her? I mean, she is her mother, and mothers worry a lot. I thought. Maybe I should.

I nodded. "Okay, I'll take care of Alimay for you."

She seemed relieved. "I knew I could trust you Alphonse, but I'm afraid I must go now. You should return soon after I leave." Then she walked towards the other door, and waited. The door opened, and little arms came out and wrapped themselves around her.

"Thank you, Alphonse. Thank you for letting me know my little girl is safe from harms way." Then she bowed, as the arms dragged her away.

"Wait! What's your name?" I asked.

She turned and smiled. "Nichole Cul." Then the door slammed shut.

"Nichole Cul. Alimay Cul. What's her fathers name?" I wondered, but as soon as I asked, the gate in which she told me would bring me back, opened, and little arms grabbed me, and dragged me through.


"Alphonse!! Are you alright? Please wake up!"

I awoke again to hear Alimay. I sat up, back in the armored body I was fixed to, but we weren't on the train, we were in an Inn, and I was laying on the floor.

"Sorry we couldn't get you on a bed, but you were just a bit too heavy." Explained Nii-san.

"It's ok, Nii-san." Then Alimay hugged me, with tears in her eyes.

"What happened to you? Did I rub your blood seal? I'm sorry if I did anything, are you alright? What happened?!" Alimay was full of questions, but I managed to calm her down so I could tell her my story.

"Alimay, I'm fine. You didn't rub my blood seal, it's still there isn't it? So just please calm down." Alimay took a deep breath in, then let it out. "Are you good now?" She nodded.

"So, what happened anyways?" She asked, more calmly.

"I-" Then I thought, mothers watch their children in secret, so should I tell her? Maybe I should lie, no. It won't feel right to lie to her.

"I was called to the gate, by your mothers soul, Alimay."

Alimay and Nii-san both looked at me in disbelief.

"She told me to look after you, Alimay."

"Don't all mothers say that to kids running of with their friends?" Nii-san said, being a smart ass.

"Nii-san, don't be a smart ass! She even told me her name!"

Alimay gasped. "I've never told anyone my parents names, what did she say her name was?!"

I looked down at Alimay, who was looking up at me with hope in her eyes. "She said her name was Nichole Cul."

Alimay let go of me, and fell to the ground crying. "I can't believe it... you talked to my mother, something I've always wanted to do since she died." Then she looked back up at me. "Thank you, Al. Thank you for meeting my mom, and talking to her."

I hugged Alimay. It was the only thing I could do to help her stop crying. I told her "Your welcome, but please stop crying." about 3 times before she actually did.

From that moment on, I looked out for Alimay, nursed her back to heal when she was sick, and picked her up when she was down. While doing the same for Nii-san, but giving Alimay the kind of love, only a family would give.
SO CUTE!!! Ok, since this is Al's view, here's what happened after Al pasted out!
Alimay asked Al if she was bothering him, but when he didn't respond, Ed and Alli both got worried. After a long train ride, they finally reached the next town, and Ed had to drag Al's armor off the train so the other people didn't accuse him for sneaking someone on. When they were off, Alimay climbed out, and helped Ed find an Inn for the night. They struggled with the dead body up 2 flights of stairs, then plopped him on the floor, praying he would come-to soon.. then after an hour of waiting, he woke up.

Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric Hiromu Arakawa
Alimay Cul and Nichole Cul Me
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