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Her Journey Begins...

2 days from Lior, Ed and Al decided to take a "well deserved break" in a over-populated town called Libithum. Learning about the Philosophers Stone, was hard work on it's own, even getting the information was hard on the Elric's. So Edward thought that they could stop off at the next town, and take a few days off.

"Brother, what are we doing in Libithum?"
"What do you mean, we're taking a break!" Ed stretched out his arms, and put them behind his head.

"But we're only 2 days from Lior. Why do we need a break?" Al was confused.
"Because we've been working our butts off getting the info about the stupid Stone, so I thought we could take a break in the next town close to Lior!"

Al sighed.

"So, what's the plan while we're here then, Ed?"
"Let's see, first, we'll find an Inn, second, we'll relax for 2-3 days!! Sound good to you?"
"2-3 DAYS?! Brother, Lior is 2 days by foot, and you want to sit here for 2 days? That's perfect time wasted on relaxing!" Al got a little mad at his brother logic.

"Well, I need rest! I'm not like you, Al! You don't need rest, which means you could go for days without food or sleep! I need those things Al! So, lets rest, and I promise, once we finish resting, we'll go right back on the trail to the Philosophers Stone, okay?"

"I'm sorry, but did I hear you were looking for a Philosophers Stone?"

Ed and Al jumped a bit at the sudden voice from nowhere. They were walking while arguing.

"W-Who said that?" Al asked.

Then, a girl, the exact same height as Ed, with brown hair and green eyes, wearing a cut-off jacket, a black tank-top, and grey shorts, walked out from an alleyway.

"My name is Alimay Cul. I'm really sorry, but I herd in on your conversation."

"Nice to meet you, Alimay!" Al said.

"Yeah, we were talking about the Philosophers Stone. Why? You know about it?"

Alimay nodded. "I know a lot about the Philosophers Stone. If you want, I can show you my library!"

Ed and Al looked at each other, and whispered a conversation between each other.

"Ed, this could be just the thing we need!"

"On our break? I don't think so. This seems all to easy, I mean, how in the world could one girl get information about that kind of stone?"

"Aww, come on, Ed!! This is a once in a life time chance!!"

"Fine, but if it back-fires, I'm blaming you!"

Then, with a final nod, they turned back to Alimay.

"So, we're your library?"

Alimay was over joyed. She turned around, and walked down the alleyway and waved for Ed and Al to follow.



"You said it, Al! This isn't a house!"

They showed up in front of a huge mansion and Alimay ran up to the door, and unlocked it.

"Come on in, guys!"

The brothers walked through the huge door, and followed down a long hallway, until Alimay stopped them and a huge dinning room.

"Would you guys like some tea before you see my library?"

They nodded.

A bit later, they were all sitting at the dinning table in the room, were all but Al, had a cup of tea in front of them. Al got a bit confused at first.

"Um, Alimay, why didn't you give my brother a tea"

Alimay smiled, then pointed at Al.

"Your a 7' tall walking armor, and you-" She then pointed to Ed. "-have blond hair, and are wearing a red coat! Therefore, you both must be the Elric brothers!"

They both gasped. Alimay pointed at Al again.

"Your Alphonse Elric, the younger brother, and you-" Points at Ed again. "-are Edward Elric, the older brother, also known as the Full Metal Alchemist! Am I right?"

They both gasped again.

"H-How did you know that?!"

"And how were you able to tell that I was the Full Metal Alchemist?!"

"Heh, well, Libithum, is practically known for it's detailed rumors! Once I herd one rumor about you guys, I began to hear more, and more, until I began to piece them together. I then created your life story!"

"That's not creepy at all." Ed said, sarcastically. "How much do you know about us?"

"Well, here's a brief explanation of what I know. Your father left. Your mother died of a incurable disease. You found a teacher who taught you Alchemy. You tried to resurrect your dead mother, and in doing so, you lost your left leg, and Al lost his entire body. You gave up your right arm to save Al's soul, in which you bound to this suit of armor. Your childhood friend gave you mechanical limbs called Automail. You burned down your home and saute out to become a State Alchemist, and ya de ya de ya."

Ed and Al were amazed to see someone other then Winry knew so much about them, and they didn't even know her.

"So then, what's your story? Where are your parents?"

Alimay looked down. Then began her story.

"My father died in the military. He taught me everything I know about alchemy. He even taught me to read and write in 5 different languages. My mother went through depression, then died 2 weeks after my dad in a car crash. I was taught many things, until one day, my 2 best friends and I went to visit my mothers grave, and they asked me if there was a way I could bring her back. I said there was, so they pushed me to try and get my mom back, because they didn't want to see me suffer without her. So, they offered themselves, but I did too. That night, I lost my best friends, and my left arm, for something that wasn't even my mother. I didn't know how to bind souls to objects, so I lost my friends forever. It was only after, did I learn how, but I could never go back there to try and get their souls. It was hell beyond those gates."

Al was touched by her story. Ed was shocked to hear such things happened to someone else as well.

"Well, enough about me, you guys wanted to see my library?"


"Do you guys like my books?"

Al looked up from his book and nodded. "Yeah, but I did find a few books I didn't know what it said."

"What about you, Ed?"

Al chuckled a bit. "He gets glued when it comes to Alchemy books! It'll take a while to drag him out of an Alchemy book!"

"Oh really?" Alimay tip-toed over to Ed, then leaned on his back. "What book ya reading?"

Ed didn't answer.

"Is it a good book?"

Ed still didn't answer.

Then Alimay got an evil grin. "I bet there's something in there about making people taller, isn't there?"

Ed slammed the book closed. Then slowly turned around to face Alimay.

"What, did you say?" He got a little mad.

"I said, I bet there's something in that book that'll help you hauler!"

"Thank god she changed what she said!" thought Al.

"Oh, okay." Ed turned and opened his book to where he was and continued reading.


2 days past, and Ed told Al, their break was officially over. That they could continue their journey to Lior, but Alimay stopped them, at the cross point, to leave Libithum.

"Please, can I come with you?"

"Why?" asked Ed.

"Because, I want to help you, get Al his body back. I've done nothing, and I'm tired of it. Every time I want to help someone, they always say no. So please, let me come along, and help you find a way to get Al his body back. I don't care about my arm. Please."


"No." Ed was very formal.


"Alimay, I don't want you to come."

"Let me guess, the reason you don't want me to come, is because, you don't want me going down the same path you did, or you don't want to see anybody else get hurt. Well, listen here, Ed. I already went down the path you did, but I stayed home. I'm tired of sitting around, and Ed, I'm been hurt enough. A few tears won't mean anything."

Alimay tried to get Ed to bring her along, but he kept refusing.

"Then why Ed, why won't you let me come with you?"

"Because, your better off here!! Come on, Al."

Ed began to walk away. Al stayed for a few minutes.

"I'm really sorry about Ed. I don't know what's up with him.. bye." He waved, then ran to catch up to Ed.

Alimay waved, then sighed, and turned into an alleyway, when all of a sudden, she was attacked, by someone with 2 automail arms, and 2 automail legs.

"Gaahhh!! What the?!"

"Hello, my pretty! Your coming with me!" said the strange automailed man.

"No way! HELP!!!!"

Then, the man picked her up by her throat and clenched her throat, a little too hard. All of a sudden, the man was kicked down, and he dropped Alimay. She grabbed her throat, and tried to breath, but she could only get tiny amounts in. Then she was picked up, and held in the arms of Al. She looked up, still trying to breath.

"Don't try to talk." said Al.

She looked over and saw Ed beating up the automailed man, until he was K.O.ed. Ed walked over to her, but she was still struggling to breath.

"Brother, we have to get her to a hospital!"

"I know, so let's go!"


When Alimay opened her eyes, she was in a white room, but when she looked around, she saw Ed, Al and a doctor, sitting beside her. She tried to speak, but she was more or less whispering.

"What happened?" Alimay asked.

"These boys brought you here, and we saved your throat from caving in."

"Edward, Alphonse, thank you for saving me, but why did you turn around?"

Al smiled. "I told brother I could hear you shouting for help! I also convinced him to let you come to!"

Alimay smiled, then looked at Ed.

"Thank you, Ed."

"Well, if you want to come, you'll have to be prepared for anything."

Alimay nodded, then sat up. "I'm ready for anything."

Before long, Alimay was up and out of the hospital, walking beside Ed and Al, on the road to Lior. She turned around and took one last look at her home town. "Good bye, Libithum." Then faced the road ahead, and began to walk.
Ed & Al Hiromu Arakawa
Alimay (C) Me
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