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Bodyguard 2
Sick Day
(Eyes of Alphonse; Age 14)

A little after I came to, it started to rain like no one would believe. It was pouring, and not long after it started, did Alimay and Nii-san get sick. They were both coughing up a storm, and there was no way I could get more median without the rain seeping through my armor and washing away my blood seal. So I just sat there, staring at the rain hit the window, and hear the cracks in the sky, waiting for some cloths to soak.

"Al, are those cloths ready?" Alimay asked, with a few coughs after wards.

"Give them a few seconds, Alli. They haven't fully soaked yet."

Then Nii-san cleared his throat. "I'm feeling a bit better. That median really works!"

Alimay coughed a bit more. "Well, it didn't work for me one bit. I still feel like I'm in hell." Then she sat up and covered her mouth as she entered a coughing fit.

Nii-san stood up and walked over to Alimay and rolled up the sleeve of his shirt. Then he placed the front of his wrist on Alimay's forehead. He quickly whipped his hand away from her. "Your boiling!! Your far more sick then I am!"

Alimay reached her hands up, and felt his forehead, then placed them down at her sides again. "Are you sure your even sick, Ed? Your face is cold."

"It's not me, you've got a high temperature! You need to see a doctor, but the doctor's here might not have the right medical attention she needs-" and with that, Nii-san ran out the door, down the stairs to the front desk of the Inn to call Central's Hospital to book a room for as long as Alimay was sick. Then he ran, outside in the rain, to the train station to get tickets for Central, then ran all the way back to the room, with so much to tell, but so little time before the train left, so he just started packing, then threw me his coat, to wrap around Alimay, and headed out the door.

"Wait, Nii-san, what are we doing?"

"Wrap that around Alimay and carry her to the train station! Quickly!! There's not much time left before the train leaves!!"

It was amazing how much Nii-san did for Alimay being sick. She teases him and makes fun of him. I'd never think of him to react like this when she's this sick, but I was asked to protect her, so I listened to Nii-san and carried her on the train, and lied her down on a seat. I sat in the seat across from her, and Nii-san rested her head on his lap, to keep track of her temperature. It's amazing how much he did just now, because he has a human body. I couldn't do any of that, other then run around in the rain and not be affected by getting wet. I can't take her temperature, and I don't know how she felt right then. I was asked to protect her, and I can't even help her when she's sick. I felt so, useless.

"Oh, Al, I just realized, I'm not even in my normal cloths! Keep an eye on Alimay, while I find a place to get dressed." Then he stood up, grabbed his clothes from the suitcase, and walked away, looking for a room to change. I looked back a Alimay, who was sweating from where I could see. Then she tilted her head and looked over at me.

I looked down in my seat. "I'm sorry, Alimay. I'm just completely useless right now, I can't do anything that would help you in anyway. I can't even heal your sickness's, I'm not good at caring for you."

"Don't say things like that." Alimay sat up, and look at me with disappointment in what I had said. "Alphonse, you are not useless, don't let me catch you saying that ever again. Your more useful then most humans. You can care for me in different ways, and it doesn't have to be just you. Your brother is showing you how much he can do, now, it's your turn. From here on in, you'll make sure I'm getting just the right amount of sleep, getting all the medication I need, and making sure I get better. You don't need a wrist to see if I'm warm. Just use a thermometer. Oh, and Al?"

I looked up at her, and she was smiling slightly. "When they ask for my name, please don't give them my real last name. I hate being treated like royalty."


After a long ride on the train, we finally arrived in Central, where they immediately put Alimay in a room of her very own, with 2 chairs in the room. Then the nurse asked us to walk to the front desk.

"Now, we'll need her name for registration. First and last name please."

I stepped up and gave them a name that even shocked myself to say. "Her name is Alimay Elric. She's a relative on our mother's side."

The nurse was a bit shocked, but she just wrote it down, then she asked a few more questions, which I answered. When Nii-san and I were walking towards her room to check on her, Nii-san and I started talking.

"So, Al. Why did you give Alimay our last name?"

"She asked me not to use her last name."


I shrugged. "All she said was, "I don't like being treated like royalty"."

Then Nii-san shrugged and we continued walking, until a question popped out of my mouth.

"Hey, Nii-san. Have you ever had a crush on someone?"

Then he stopped in his tracks. "Nii-san?" Did I trigger a bad reaction? I thought.

"No. I've never had a crush, but I might in the future. Why, Al? Do you have a crush on someone?"

I felt like blushing a bit, but I couldn't, but I did stutter. "N-No, Nii-san. I can't really feel, I'm a suit of armor! Armor doesn't have feelings!" I said, trying to cover up my true thoughts.

He just shrugged and continued walking. "Suit yourself." Then I followed.

Eventually we finally reached Alimay's room, but when we opened the door, we found a doctor talking to her about medication. Then he turned and saw us, then left. Nii-san walked up beside her and I walked over the a chair and sat down.

"Are you okay, Alimay?"

She nodded. "Yeah. Thanks a lot for bringing me here, Ed. You've never been this nice from the rumors I herd in Libithum."

"Yeah, well, consider yourself lucky!"

She laughed a bit, then sat down beside me, and nudged me to go and talk. I stood up and walked over. "How are you feeling, Alimay?"

She gave me the warmest smile. "A lot better, thanks."

"By the way, I gave the nurse a different name."

"Thank you, Al. What name did you give them?"

"I called you Alimay Elric."

She blushed right through her sickness.

"Alimay... E-Elric? Your last name?"

I nodded.

She gave me another warm smile. "Al, you really are my own personal Bodyguard."


Alimay may not be the kind of girl you'd expect from her looks, but she's a lot of things, including kind, innocent, tomboyish and plenty more. Most of all, everything she does, makes me feel like I have my true feelings, and she makes me think I have a body. A body that can feel, and a body that can guard.
SO FREAKEN KAWAII!! I like it!! X3333
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